Adidas Originals Women’s CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoes Review

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If you are an avid volleyball player, you may want to get the right gear to play hard and well.

Since you are probably going elsewhere to play the game, you can’t really choose the volleyball used or the netting.

However, you can select the right shoes to wear while you play.

Many people think any shoes are fine, but volleyball shoes are the best choice in this case.

Today, we will look at the Adidas Originals Women’s CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoes.

We will explain it in detail and help you see why it is an excellent choice.

Adidas Originals Women’s CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoes

Adidas is a highly popular brand of shoes throughout the world.

Its roots are in Germany, but it’s a global company that employs more than 59,000 people.

This brand has always focused on footwear for children, men, and women.

Recently, it started producing sports and lifestyle products, such as shoes for basketball, volleyball, and others.

It also partners with independent manufacturers. Currently, you can find these products in retail locations throughout the world.

Also, it sells its shoes on a variety of third-party e-commerce websites.

Who Is This Product For?

These shoes are designed specifically for women who play volleyball frequently.

If you only enjoy the sport once or twice a year, you may not necessarily need them.

If you play in tournaments or get with friends frequently to play, though, then, this is a nice pair to own.

What’s Included?

When you make your purchase, you get one pair of shoes. It also comes with the laces, and they are pre-laced to an extent.

You may have to finish lacing them up before you wear them.

Overview of Features


The Women’s CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoe from Adidas comes in a variety of colors such as black and power red, blue and silver, black and silver, silver and gray, yellow and silver, and white and silver with gray.

It has a rubber sole, which helps it stick to the court while you’re playing. This offers more traction and can help with the stability of the ankle.

Of course, the cushioning is ideal and is considered responsive, so you will get more energy when you give more.

These shoes also ensure that you can easily jump to spike, put on speed when needed, and all the rest.

The shoes’ lockdown lacing system is essential because it helps you get the right fit in your shoes.

That way, you don’t have to tie them at the front to where they could come undone.

Additionally, with its asymmetrical rubber outsole, you get full control while you are on indoor surfaces.

There is also plenty of lateral support for you, plus the upper mesh has integrated TPU yarn for abrasion resistance and stability.


  • Boost Responsive Cushioning
  • Lockdown Lacing System
  • S-Shaped heel for more stability
  • Wide forefoot area for mobility and lateral support
  • Top-grip rubber outsole


  • Possibly too much room in the toe area
  • Hard to achieve lockdown
  • Sizes run large

How to Get the Most out of Them


When you start wearing volleyball shoes, it is important to ensure that you maintain them so that they last longer. 

You should clean them, but do not put them in your washing machine since it can tear them and reduce their life.

The goal here is often not to dirty them up at all. You should only be wearing these shoes while you are on the court.

They have special stickiness to the bottoms to help grip the court, and this can rub off or wear away if you wear them outside or while running errands.

Here are the Things That You Should Do:

  1. Consider having a damp cloth with you while you play.
  2. Wipe the shoes down whenever you can while playing the game, such as between sets and time-outs.
  3. Then, wipe the bottoms and sides again and let them air dry before you put them in your bag.
  4. Also, always bring an extra pair of shoes with you to wear to and from the court.


Those who desire to have something a bit more exciting and high-end volleyball shoes might like the Nike brand.

The Zoom Hyperface 2 is a pair that comes in a variety of colors; even the Nike logo comes in different shades.


These shoes will help you stay quick on your feet. They feature responsive cushioning and a breathable upper.

The heel cage enhances stability and support, plus the rubber tread is suitable for traction.


When it comes to choosing a pair of volleyball shoes, there are many choices available.

We think, though, that one of the best options is the Adidas Originals Women’s Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes.

With a variety of colors available and all shoe sizes, it is ideal for those who play regularly or rarely.

Though the style might not be as modern as some, we like the almost-retro feel of the shoes.

Plus, they will last a while so that you can play the sport you enjoy and have the best traction possible.


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