What Is the Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Regular Shoes?

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Volleyball is a highly popular sport, but many people don’t know that volleyball players wear special shoes designed for them.

Just as you have golf shoes for golfing, running and walking shoes, and the rest, you have to find appropriate volleyball shoes, as well.

Choose the right pair, and you’re sure to play better while making them last because you take care of them.

But what is the difference between volleyball shoes and regular shoes?

This is a question we get asked a lot, so we decided to answer it for everyone.

What Is the Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Regular Shoes?

When it comes to buying shoes designed specifically for volleyball, you’ve got a variety of options based on your preferences and needs.

While these shoes look similar, there are some significant differences that you may not be able to see on the outside.

1. The Sole

Typically, volleyball shoes have a sole made of gum rubber for better traction while on the floor to help prevent you and your shoes from sliding all over.

It can also reduce your risk of an injury, especially at the ankles.

Gum rubber soles are also often ideal because they don’t mark up the floor, so they protect the user and the gym.

However, since the sole is made of a different material than regular shoes, you shouldn’t wear volleyball shoes anywhere but the volleyball court.

If you do, you are likely to wear them out faster. You must try to remove the shoes before you walk on any other surface.

If you’re a casual player, your shoes will last for a few years, but if you’re an avid player, a good-quality shoe can give you about one year of use with proper care.

You will know that your shoes are starting to wear when the ankle support is weak and doesn’t stay tight when you’re playing.

2. Stability and Structure

Generally, cross-trainers and other shoes are designed to help you move forward safely and quickly.

Volleyball shoes, on the other hand, are constructed for structure and stability during more lateral movements.

This is essential for volleyball players who often move side to side.

Volleyball players also often spend a lot of time on the ball of the feet, so the midsection of the shoe provides enough support.

That means you can achieve lateral movements more easily.

Lateral movements can put more stress on the balls of your feet, so the balls and midsole absorb more of the shock.

Of course, the shoe’s midsole has to be very strong while remaining flexible.

Many volleyball shoes utilize foam to help absorb shock, while higher-end versions can use air or gel cushions.

3. Upper Section

The upper section of volleyball shoes is usually made of mesh.

That way, it can be lightweight and lets air in so that the foot doesn’t sweat and produce too much moisture.

This also keeps the foot cool while you play.

what is the difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes

What to Focus on When Choosing a Pair of Volleyball Shoes

You have many decisions to make when choosing volleyball shoes, but you must consider four critical things:

1. Cushion

If you play frequently or extended tournaments, cushioning is essential.

Your feet shouldn’t be in pain, and you should feel comfortable; otherwise, you run the risk of hurting yourself and affect your performance negatively.

2. Stability

Since volleyball requires you to change direction fast, stability is essential when choosing a shoe.

Regular shoes might be supportive, but they won’t help much with lateral movements.

Clearly, a decent volleyball shoe can’t protect you 100 percent, but it will be better than other options.

3. Breathability

While sweat is good for you to get rid of toxins in the body, it can lead to foot smells and make the sock moist and slippery.

Volleyball shoes have mesh placed strategically to help with the airflow. These are vents to help the air get inside and wick away the sweat.

They don’t add any extra weight, so you can still run about with the energy you need.

4. Weight

As we were talking about a bit earlier, the weight of the shoe matters.

You will jump and run from side to side, so you must ensure that the shoe isn’t too heavy.

Volleyball shoes have to take into account durability while being light. This isn’t often easy, but manufacturers often do a great job.

They have things down to an art, which ensures that the qualities you need are there.

Final Thoughts

What is the difference between volleyball shoes and regular shoes? The answer is that many things are different between the two.

If you haven’t been wearing volleyball shoes to play the sport, it is time to do so.  You will see a significant difference while you play.

While there are many options on the market, you need to focus on the four main points: breathability, cushioning, stability, and weight.

With these things in mind, you can choose a shoe that will fit your needs and feet.

Now, there’s a volleyball shoe for everyone, regardless of your particular issue.

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