ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes Review

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Those who enjoy playing sports often want to buy appropriate gear. Luckily, if you play volleyball, you don’t need much.

Usually, the courts are already full of the items necessary.

You do need to wear the right clothing and footwear, so we chose to review the ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes.

Its modern design helps it look good on any court.

ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes


ASICS is a famous brand and has been around since 1949. They are committed to nurturing the youth through sports.

The primary goal of this company is to give people the right items, and it offers clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

Primarily, this brand is found throughout the world in some retail stores.

However, most of its sales are through its website and that of third-party e-commerce sites.

Who Is This Product For?

These volleyball shoes are ideal for most volleyball players; whether you play frequently or not very often, you’ll have a better game.

The goal here is to keep your feet protected to avoid overuse injuries, ankle sprains, and the like.

What’s Included?

When you open the box, you will see two shoes, one for the left and right foot.

The shoelaces are also included with your purchase. They may or may not be started for you at the bottom.

Just lace them up and use the lacing technique that best suits your needs.

Overview of Features


The ASICS brand is always improving, and these Gel-Tactic shoes are an update of the 1100 series.

These shoes offer two layers of Speva for the midsole, and you also get a rear-foot gel cushioning system, which is visible from the outside.

This allows for better shock absorption while on the court.

This shoe has a new upper made of air mesh and synthetic leather to ensure breathability and better performance.

Since it has more natural rubber than a traditional shoe, you get better traction while on the court.

There’s also a toe guard available to improve the shoe’s durability, plus it features a Trusstic system that helps reduce the weight of the sole while still retaining the shoe’s structural integrity.

Of course, you’ve also got a variety of colors from which to choose.

There is black with silver, silver with royal, white with black and silver, black with electric green and gold, purple with silver and white, and white with silver and flash coral.


  • Gel cushioning system
  • Trusstic system
  • Toe guards
  • NC compound rubber outsole
  • Comfortable to wear for extended games


  • Runs slightly small
  • Must be broken in
  • Can be stiff initially

How to Use Them


Once you have purchased the shoes and they arrive, it’s time to lace them up.

The laces are already done for you, and all you have to do is tie them or use the lockdown lace technique.

Here are some other things to keep in mind to maintain the quality of your shoes:

  1. You should never wear these shoes to go to the location of the match; instead, wear traditional tennis shoes, sandals, or any other pair of shoes.
  2. Make sure that you wear or bring with you the socks you plan to wear with the volleyball shoes.
  3. Once you get to the court, it is time to put on and lace up the shoes. Then, you can play the game.
  4. When you’re finished, take the shoes off again, unlacing them to do so.
  5. Wipe the bottoms and sides with a damp cloth to remove any of the court dust and let them dry.
  6. You can then put them in your bag, put on the shoes you wore to the match, and leave.
  7. Remember, you shouldn’t wear your volleyball shoes anywhere, but the court since doing so is going to cut the lifespan of your shoes. Concrete and asphalt are rough, and the soles are slightly sticky to give better grip while on the court.


Those who want something a bit more high-end might like the Under Armor brand.

The Women’s Block City Shoes is a low-top, as well, but it only comes in two colors.

It looks modern, and the entire upper, including the tongue, is breathable and made of lightweight mesh.

There’s also a webbed lockdown system for lacing to increase your foot’s stability.

With the synthetic sole, you get the stickiness you require for the court to help you stop short and grip the surface while running or jumping.


You now know why it is important to have volleyball shoes.

We also discussed when to wear them and not wear them to help extend the life of the shoes and ensure that they work for you when you need them most.

The ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes is an excellent product that looks modern and has many features.

With a toe guard, gel-cushioning system, and more, you will feel comfortable on the court, help improve your game, and keep you safe while you play.


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