What Is the Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Basketball Shoes?

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Whenever you are participating in a sport, you want to save money and use what you’ve got already, especially when you’re new to the sport and wonder if you’re going to play all the time.

Therefore, it’s easy to wonder what is the difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes.

Is there a difference at all?

Yes, there is, and you should really have volleyball shoes if you plan to play the sport.

If you already play basketball, you need a different pair of shoes for that sport.

Why Do You Need Volleyball Shoes?

With some sports, you can choose a cross-trainer, but you can’t with volleyball.

Your performance is bound to suffer and could get injured when you don’t wear the appropriate pair of shoes.

There are different components to the shoes that make them unique, including:

1. Gum Rubber

Gum rubber allows the shoes to clutch.

Often, it is dyed so that it matches the shoe, but it is going to prevent the court from getting marked up.

Generally, gum rubber is pliable and soft; you may have seen it before in a squeegee or some tubing.

It’s often flexible, so it allows you to move and brace for impact while on the court, and even after multiple jumps, it holds up well.

Besides being flexible, gum rubber is also highly conducive to your motions while playing.

You will jump, have quick cuts, and stop-and-go actions, and you will get the right traction from the gum rubber.

The slip-resistant nature of this rubber also cannot be found in other shoes and is essential to help you prevent an injury.

2. Midsole

The midsole of volleyball shoes supports the ball of your foot.

You will spend a lot of your time on the balls of the feet, so the midsole has to be strong enough to absorb the shock and still allow for flexibility.

Volleyball shoes often use foam or a foam-and-gel mixture.

Air cushions or gel only can also be used in high-end shoes, and this helps support your stance.

With emphasis placed on the balls of your feet, you can move forward or side to side without getting fatigued.

3. Uppers

Your feet will produce heat as you move, which leads to moisture and sweat.

Your feet must stay dry so that they don’t slip around in the shoes, which means that you need proper airflow.

The upper of your volleyball shoe is likely to be mesh or nylon since these materials permit airflow so that moisture is kept at bay, and your foot is cooler.

This also ensures better performance while playing the game.

what is the difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes

4. Cushion

You need appropriate cushioning from your shoe. Since you are jumping so much, that continuous impact causes the feet to swell.

The shoes can seem tighter than when you first put them on, but inner cushioning is essential,

It comes as a compression mold or gel and is designed to help the shoe absorb the shock while supporting the quick movements you make during play.

Without it, you are more susceptible to injury while playing.

5. Lightweight

Volleyball shoes have to be lightweight, so it is used to your advantage.

Generally, these shoes weigh between nine and 11 ounces for women, while men’s shoes often weigh between 11 and 15 ounces.

6. Fit

Your volleyball shoes must fit snugly across the foot and shouldn’t rub or pinch. The shoe isn’t going to let the foot move about while it’s inside.

Continuous jumping can also cause the sides of the feet and heels to develop blisters or rub burns.

When the shoe fits properly, this is less of a concern.

What Is the Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Basketball Shoes?

Players in a basketball game are dribbling the ball, passing, and running quickly for plays.

They jump and shoot while everyone else runs to the opposite side.

Generally, there are quick, small sprints with a few jumps.

Shoes for this sport are usually designed for the athlete to be front and center to accommodate some jumps and quick sprints.

Dynamic cushioning is necessary for basketball, but this is primarily in the insole.

The design itself is mainly for running and moving forward.

Volleyball shoes are different because they’re designed for more lateral movements with significant amounts of jumping.

It’s not enough to just move forward; you’ve got to go side-to-side, backward, forward, and up and down.

Since basketball shoes aren’t designed for that many jumps, they can break down faster.

Generally, in volleyball, the force of your landing is about nine times the weight of your body.

Shoes must be able to support that much force throughout the match.


What is the difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes?

In a sense, there are a lot of them.

They’ve got to withstand a lot of jumping and have support for the balls of the feet.

Often, traditional shoes and basketball shoes can’t offer that much support, so it’s an excellent idea to invest in a good pair of volleyball shoes, even if you don’t play that often.

Your feet will hurt less, and you might find there are fewer injuries as a result.

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