Best Womens Volleyball Shoes of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. Players are divided into two teams of six and square off on opposite sides of the net.

The goal? To score points against their opponent by spiking the ball in-bounds, so no opposing players return it.

If you play volleyball, you know it is a game that requires constant activity, sudden stops, and the perfect positioning to accurately serve, set, and spike.

If you want to improve your performance and avoid sliding across the gym floor, you need the best womens volleyball shoes available.

Comparison Chart

adidas Women’s Crazyflight X 2 Volleyball Shoe
41OF+ C6H4L
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lighting Z2 Volleyball Shoes
Mizuno Womens Wave Bolt 7 Volleyball Shoes
ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes
ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes

Best Womens Volleyball Shoes: A Review

1. adidas Originals Women’s Crazyflight X 2 Volleyball Shoes

As the name suggests, Crazyflight X 2 is a pair of high-performance volleyball shoes made by the famous brand adidas.

The overall design facilitates airflow to the feet and is lightweight and comfortable even when standing and running for long periods.


There is much to love in the adidas Originals Crazyflight.

This pair was made with women in line and sports a streamlined fit with responsive cushioning and a wide forefoot platform.

The platform improves support and mobility for players as they dive and jump and provides plenty of room for the ball of the foot.

These shoes excel at being comfortable and discrete.

The outsole is made of durable reinforced rubber, while the upper portion is breathable mesh.

All of the materials are abrasion resistant and designed to last for months of constant use, meaning you won’t have to replace your volleyball shoes too often.

Even the laces are minimal and utilize a lockdown system.

Plus, there are multiple colors to choose from, including red, blue, black, white, yellow, and silver.

One potential catch is the adidas Originals Crazyflight could be too roomy for women with smaller, narrower feet because the forefoot platform is designed to facilitate motion and prevent the squeezing of the foot.

Unfortunately, petite women might find the laces do not tighten enough to combat the extra space.

On the other hand, the increased room for the toes, and the balls of the feet means women with larger feet will be more comfortable.


  • Many colors available
  • Responsive foam inserts
  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • Tough rubber outsole
  • Roomy forefoot platform


  • Wider fit


2. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoes

41OF+ C6H4L

These Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z2 Shoes is a high-quality volleyball option made of durable synthetics.

Some of the most notable characteristics include the raised heel, extra cushion for more support, and the patented intercool system.

Overall, these shoes are comfortable and able to withstand tons of abuse, making them great for dedicated players.


On the surface, these shoes look like traditional sneakers with a high heel and low toe box, but there is a lot of technology and engineering packed into them.

The sole is made from all-purpose rubber and features the unique parallel wave plate for improved lateral stability while on the move.

The design itself is a classic low-cut with extra room for ankle and foot braces.

The upper portion of the shoes uses 100% synthetic materials with a small amount of mesh to improve airflow to the feet.

The interior features an intercool system that reduces sweat production and keeps the wearer’s feet cool even after hours of gameplay.

The extra foam on the inside properly cushions the foot, and the interior additionally has moderate or average arch support. There is also plenty of room for insoles.

Besides these basics, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 is lightweight at only 8.4 ounces.

It also has a modest incline and comes in ten separate colors and patterns.

There are two potential issues wearers should consider, though.

The first is how the overall incline of the shoe is moderate to high, which can increase the tension placed on the ankle.

Another is that the heel has a slight angle inward towards the tongue as part of the incline.



  • Many colors available
  • Extra thick outsole
  • Low-cut design
  • Room for braces
  • Mizuno intercool system


  • Modest to high incline
  • Heel angled inward


3. ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes


These gel volleyball shoes are one of the latest models from ASICS and make use of patented technology designed to improve durability and reduce aches and tension in the feet.

They are available in numerous sizes and pack some extra features that many players can appreciate.


The ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoes has some notable features which make them stand out from the competition.

One of the most beneficial is the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System, which reduces shock during the impact phase and makes it easy to transition to midstance during the game.

The GEL system also makes it easy to move rapidly and is further supported by a sturdy rubber outsole that reduces friction and slide on the gym floor.

Another useful feature is the Trusstic System, which reduces the weight placed on the sole by redistributing pressure.

It is beneficial not only for the player but also for the longevity of the shoes since they experience less wear and tear.

Other things to consider are a rubber sole, 100% synthetic upper section, breathable mesh, and a protective toe guard.

The rubber used for the ASICS Gel Tactic has more natural rubber content than traditional rubber, while the guard is thick and reduces the likelihood of the wearer damaging their toes.

Six separate colors and designs are also available.

One potential downside of the shoes is that they run narrow and can constrict the toe box and mid-foot area.

Unfortunately, this also means they might be too small to fit ankle and foot braces properly.



  • Natural rubber outsole
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System
  • Trusstic System
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Protective toe guard


  • Narrow design
  • No room for braces


4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic Volleyball Shoes


You didn’t misread the name of these shoes!

ASICS actually produces several models with the same name.

The catch is these shoes are a completely different style that favors the low-cut top with a small incline and a lowered heel.

They are comfortable and versatile, making them great for someone with little need for arch support.


These ASICS Gel-Tactic shoes are another option that utilizes REARFOOT GEL® technology and the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM®.

The former provides additional shock absorption in the heel and makes it easier for the wearer to transition to midstance, while the latter improves overall support and prevents twisting in the midfoot.

The overall shoe is lightweight and responsive with a narrow rubber outsole and a comfortable insole.

The N.C. RUBBER™ outsole is well-known for its high abrasion resistance and grip, while the upper half is made of a combination of synthetic mesh and fabric.

The mesh improves airflow and acts as general reinforcement to prevent wear and tear to the base components of the shoe.

The laces are also small and narrow to avoid stumbling and tripping.

Besides these features, the ASICS Gel-Tactic Shoes focus on being straightforward.

Each shoe weighs around 10 ounces and conforms to the natural structure of the foot.

Multiple colors are also available.

One potential downside wearers need to consider, though, is the overall structure of the shoe is narrow.

The toe box, in particular, can be tight and uncomfortable after long-term use.

Wearers should also be aware that these volleyball shoes are meant for indoor use.



  • REARFOOT GEL Cushioning System
  • Many colors available
  • N.C. Rubber outsole
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • TRUSSTIC System


  • Narrow toe box
  • Narrow middle


5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 7 Volleyball Shoes


Individuals interested in powerful volleyball shoes will enjoy the Wave Bolt 7’s designed by Mizuno.

These dedicated sneakers utilize tried and true features like a thick, durable sole, breathable mesh, and plenty of space for ankle or foot braces.


These shoes are made in the USA and feature a tough rubber sole with extra material along the heel to reduce friction, wear, and tear.

The incline is moderate to high, which means the toes sit lower than the heel by a significant amount.

The upper portion features a comfortable mesh that improves airflow to the feet and prevents overheating.

The rest of the fabric used along the exterior is synthetic, while the laces are additionally narrow and discrete.

The Wave Bolt 7 model is average in most respects.

It has a moderate arch inside, a medium toe box, and a little extra room in the middle for the wearer’s foot.

All of the available colors are neutrals, like black and white.

There are also few bells and whistles, which make these an excellent option for athletes who want something simple yet effective.

Wearers should note, though, that no sizes smaller than six are available.



  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • Narrow laces
  • Average toe box


  • Moderate to high incline
  • Not available in sizes smaller than six


Final Verdict

There are many excellent volleyball shoes for women. Out of the options considered here, the best pair for general use is the adidas Originals Women’s Crazyflight X 2.

These shoes outshine the competition by having enough space for the foot to move while in action, a durable rubber outsole, and some of the best stitching and construction.

If you need a good budget option, the Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z2 is a great second choice for the best womens volleyball shoes.

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