Are Running Shoes Good for Volleyball?

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Most people don’t pay particular attention to the shoes they wear, but when you’re playing a sport or exercising, proper footwear is essential.

It’s easy to think that you can wear the same shoes for various things, but this might not be ideal.

Are running shoes good for volleyball? This is a question that many people ask.

On the surface, it doesn’t appear like there is much of a difference between the two because they look similar aesthetically.

However, you are soon going to find out that there are differences and can learn why you should wear each type of shoes for its intended purpose.

Are Running Shoes Good for Volleyball

Volleyball shoes tend to offer better traction, thicker midsoles, and non-marking soles.

Volleyball players have different demands on the body. You need to perform your best, which is why you need the right footwear.

Between the two types, there are two significant differences. Generally, the sole and weights are different.

There are several reasons for this, such as volleyball shoes are often lighter, so the user doesn’t get fatigued as much, and they’ve got a better range of motion.

We will discuss both of these differences in detail to give you a better idea of why the answer to the question “Are running shoes good for volleyball?” is no.

1. Soles

Running shoes tend to have a design that focuses on one-directional movements over longer distances. They offer more support for the heel.

Therefore, it is often heavier and thicker in that area because you need more cushioning during an impact.

On the other hand, volleyball shoes have more cushioning throughout the entire shoe.

They tend to be more padded around the ball of the foot area and toes because these places are hit harder when you jump.

Plus, you’re often on the balls of the feet to be prepared to jump or run to the side.

Volleyball shoes usually have a gum rubber sole because it prevents the sole from marking up the court.

They don’t often have markings on the bottom so that you are allowed to move freely no matter which way you need to go.

Plus, you are sure to make sudden and sharp movements, such as starting or stopping a play on the smooth floor.

Rubber soles provide you that extra traction you need. Remember, gum rubber soles are different than traditional leather.

The design provides it with a semi-transparent appearance. Generally, this is dyed so that it matches the color of the shoes.

With running shoes, it must withstand a variety of different surfaces, so gum rubber isn’t used, and authentic or synthetic rubber is utilized to make the sole.

This is also why you should never wear your volleyball shoes on any other surface than the court.

Make sure to wear a different pair of shoes to the place and change back to them after the game.

That way, the shoe soles last longer and continue working properly.

are running shoes good for volleyball

2. Weight

As a volleyball player, you need the ability to move freely while on the court.

For other athletes, the goal is focused on stability, support, and strength while on the ground.

With that said, volleyball shoes must be lighter so that you are still supported in the feet and ankles even while you are jumping.

Many times, they are also lighter because they use synthetic leathers and mesh.

Of course, the mesh is lighter than other upper materials available, so this also reduces the weight of the shoe.

Those who play volleyball can easily jump to spike throughout the game without feeling tired legs or getting cramps.

Often, running shoes are a bit heavier because they are made of different materials.

With long-distance running, the shoe is designed to take the impact, though the extra weight can cause fatigue.

Still, the feet will hurt if you choose a running shoe for volleyball because the padding isn’t in the right spot, and the legs are sure to get fatigued because of the added weight.

3. Midsole

In most cases, the volleyball shoe features a design that makes it easier for you to move side-to-side more quickly, so more support is given to the ball of your foot.

On the contrary, regular running shoes have to accommodate more forward movements, so they don’t offer as much support to that area.


With everything mentioned, you can clearly see that the type of shoe you wear is important, whether you are running or playing volleyball.

Make sure that your shoes are designed for the activity in which you are wearing them.

Of course, multipurpose shoes are ideal for running errands, a brisk walk, and many other things.

However, when you are playing volleyball, you really need the extra traction that gum rubber soles can provide.

Also, you need the support and comfort provided in the right areas.

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